Success Comes to Those Who Stay the Course!

Today marks essentially the two year mark from when Covid-19 caused shut downs around the world. Now inflation is increasing, gas prices are increasing and unrest over seas has people on the edge of their seats. In todays socially connected world; there comes a desire to have results/things right away! This is why we tend to get hyper-stressed when change happens around us. Simply, we want things to stay the course aka smooth sailing.  The problem is that the important things in life do not come quickly or without bumpy roads which is all the more reason to learn to stay the course.

What I consider the important things; Health; Wealth; Success; Happiness; Good Relationships; Fitness & Nutrition. I’m not talking moderate health or happiness with a few good relationships. Nope! I’m talking abundance of all of those subjects. To have an abundance of wealth you need to save and invest for decades. To have good relationships you need to put the time in consistently. You see where I’m going with this!

As a trainer historically I get at least two or three people per year who want to either lose over fifty pounds of fat or gain over fifty pounds of muscle and they want that result; yesterday. I’m always amazed how you can take five years to earn your fifty pounds of excess weight but the mind says “its fine I can  lose it in three months & I’ll keep it off”. Similar things happen with wealth; everyone thought they could get filthy rich on Bitcoin or Ethereum (many did) but unfortunately most people wait until the price of admission is too high and they miss out on the initial gains. Those who got in late also lost half their money when it crashed from 60k to 35k per “coin” in a short period of time. Will it be back? You never know! Another reason to simply get into the game and stay the course.

I truly believe you will find that those with the most success in any given subject have given their all to that subject for ten years or more. So if you start working out, begin investing, eating better, seeking better relationships, looking for happiness or anything else; make sure you intend on doing that for life!

Remember there are always going to be setbacks; historically the stock market drops 10% every ten months but remember the years where it goes up 20-50% will historically always counteract these drops. Owning your home may seem expensive but the housing market historically provides a 7% yearly return above cost. Investing and housing we are talking wealth & money. What will health, fitness & nutrition provide you? Healthy and vibrant years where you have the opportunity to perpetually improve yourself. Money is great and even relationships but without health & fitness you will shortchange the amount of time and years that you can spend that money and enjoy those relationships

This is your wake up call; your reminder to stay the course; your reminder to keep chasing your dreams; the blog to take you beyond your wildest hopes and dreams; a draft telling you to keep killing  it; a block of text telling you to get off your a** and make it happen & lastly a call out; to you; I’m talking to you; You are wonderful and you deserve way more then you have right now!

Bring the heat! Until next time!


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