Virtual Training

Different than our email/sms online training, this is live stream video fitness training via the Facetime or Zoom applications. Workout with Formal Fitness Training from anywhere in the world. Fully customized, face to face workouts. Get in the best shape of your life from the comfort of your own home.

Online Training by Email or SMS

Do you live too far away from Formal Fitness Training, or prefer to workout at home because of your hectic work schedule? We have the answer —  Fitness Training via Internet

What’s Included Monthly…

  • Weekly Workouts to do at home or your gym (Geared towards the equipment you have available and your goals)
  • Weekly Cardio Routines
  • Weekly Stretching Routines
  • Weekly Macro-Nutrient Meal Plan
  • Weekly Suggested Supplement Plan

Personal Training Rates

All personal and virtual (face-to-face live video stream) training packages include…

  1. Weight Training Programs
  2. Cardiovascular Conditioning
  3. Stretching Programs
  4. Macro-nutrient Nutrition Plan
  • 1/2 session – $45
  • 1-4 sessions per Month –  $80/session
  • 5 or more sessions per month –  $70/session
  • *Month-to-month 15% extra
  • $20 travel expense for in home personal training per session

Training Locations

  • Retro Fitness Kenhorst
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
  • In your home


  • Group Training : $30 per additional participant up to 5.
  • FST: $40 = 1/2 hour of foam rolling, stretching, and tiger tail post workout to improve recovery.
  • Corporate Wellness: Rates are based on individual company needs.