Online Training

Do you live too far away from Formal Fitness Training, or prefer to workout at home because of your hectic work schedule? We have the answer —  Fitness Training via Internet

What’s Included Monthly…

  • Weekly Workouts to do at home or your gym (Geared towards the equipment you have available and your goals)
  • Weekly Cardio Routines
  • Weekly Stretching Routines
  • Weekly Macro-Nutrient Meal Plan
  • Weekly Suggested Supplement Plan

Personal Training Rates

All (non-online) personal training packages include…

  1. Weight Training Programs
  2. Cardiovascular Conditioning
  3. Stretching Programs
  4. Macro-nutrient Nutrition Plan
  • 1-3 sessions per Month –  $80/session
  • 4-8 sessions per month –  $70/session
  • 9 or more sessions per month –  $65/session
  • $20 travel expense for in home personal training per session

Training Locations


  • Group Training : $30 per additional participant up to 5.
  • FST: $40 = 1/2 hour of foam rolling, stretching, and tiger tail post workout to improve recovery.
  • Corporate Wellness: Rates are based on individual company needs.