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Muscle Building and Fat Loss

We believe in the relentless pursuit of improved health, wealth, success, happiness, and great relationships through fitness and good nutrition.

At Formal Fitness Training we specialize in helping busy professionals over 35 achieve and maintain their ideal body, with a unique and individualized approach to fitness. You can begin seeing results immediately. Strength training and nutrition take precedence, along with cardiovascular conditioning and supplementation to change your body. Never be alone and always know what to do next… Contact Formal Fitness Training.

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Results; That Which is Measured is Improved!

Fat loss, toning and weight loss. Those are the three most common reasons someone embarks on an exercise program followed by muscle building, looking better naked & lastly health. Health should probably be number one but social media has us conditioned to want to look a certain way. Just remember many of the people who […]

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The Two Most Important Things to Focus on When Weight Training

When weight training (whether you are a novice or advanced participant) it is imperative that you focus on form and volume in your weight training routine. Failure to keep an eye on these items can lead to injuries from failure to perform exercises correctly or from increasing your training volume too quickly. The flip side […]

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Formal Fitness Training – 4 Corner Podcast Episode 1

This is the first episode of the four corner podcast which featured Dani, Adam, Mike & Benn. In this episode we discussed strength training, workout related nutrition, how to move forward with your pre and post workout nutrition, corrective exercises and so much more. If fat loss, muscle gain or living a life of vitality […]

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Strength Is Your Greatest Asset

The world right now is moving faster than it ever has before. Technology, healthcare, education and government can change on a dime and how we respond to those changes significantly dictates how our life progresses determining whether we improve, maintain or go backwards. Strength is the one thing that can keep you maintaining and likely […]

Virtual Personal Training

Online Training for the Experienced Workout Enthusiast

Something that I have been giving a great deal of thought to lately is; Why people who consistently go to the gym and have “a fair amount” of knowledge on form and how to exercise, would hire a coach? If you have spent any decent amount of time in the gym you would begin to […]


Coffee with a Trainer episode 18 featuring Ali Gilbert

Ali Gilbert is one of the premier coaches in the fitness and business coaching sectors, she is a TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness professional and she helps struggling men optimize their health through a variety of techniques. Ali is also a speaker on the NSCA platform as well as Perform Better. Ali and I sat […]

New Book Release

Perpetual Improvement book cover

Start your journey to self improvement with a crisp new copy of the just released book by Michael Hartman … Perpetual Improvement in Softcover Now available — One on one self improvement coaching by author, Michael Hartman … Perpetual Improvement Consultation

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Formal Fitness Training apparel is made using the brands the professionals use... Under Armour, Nike, Champion, and more! Every item is custom made and delivered to your house! Orders ship in 1-2 weeks because every item is custom printed for your exact specifications. Stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and perform at your very best. Put on your FFT gear and go to work! That's the Formal Fitness Training way! Apparel and Gear