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Muscle Building and Fat Loss

We believe in the relentless pursuit of improved health, wealth, success, happiness, and great relationships through fitness and good nutrition.

At Formal Fitness Training we specialize in helping busy professionals over 30 achieve and maintain their ideal body, with a unique and individualized approach to fitness. You can begin seeing results immediately. Strength training and nutrition take precedence, along with cardiovascular conditioning and supplementation to change your body. Never be alone and always know what to do next… Contact Formal Fitness Training.

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The Oldest Excuse in History: I Don’t Have Time

It is generally more important to change the things you aren’t doing before you worry about the things you are doing. Most people start to slash calories and exercise like crazy in an effort to “lose weight”. Well, there are two things worth considering. Do you actually need to “lose weight”? Many times we have […]
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Ten Exercises to Build a Rock Solid Physique

There is no secret that building a body that looks like it was chiseled from stone takes years of hard work and dedication. But the thing many people may not realize is that it may not require as much time as you think. Getting in shape also doesn’t really require a lot of variety initially. […]

Standardized Fitness Tests for The Military and First Responders; Creating Stronger Units!

The first step to success in any pursuit is admitting where you are deficient and finding coaches, books, or courses to teach you how to turn deficiencies into strengths. Over the last five years, Formal Fitness Training has had a tier of clients who came to us looking to improve their performance for vigorous and […]

Supplements: Take them or Skip Them?

The vitamin and supplement industry, as of 2022, had a revenue of 39.4 billion dollars. This means that, based on the population of the world, they are getting about $5 per person per year. (39.4 billion / 7.888 billion people) Many people across the world can’t afford supplements because they are too focused on the […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Having a 6-Pack Is Overhyped

For some reason, throughout my lifetime, there has been an obsession with having a ripped midsection; also known as the abdominals. Headlines such as “get ripped abs in 30 days,”, “smaller waist in seven days,”, “drink this for defined abs” and “lose thirty pounds and expose your ripped six pack”, have been dominating the fitness […]

Personal Improvement Leads To Lasting Results

Recently I have been thinking about the world and why it seems as though some people achieve lasting results in health, wealth and success while others are rarely making progress or actually prefer to remain the same for life. Why? Successful people hire coaches to help them get better (lawyers, medical professionals, accountants, trainers, chefs, […]
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Formal Fitness Training apparel is made using the brands the professionals use... Under Armour, Nike, Champion, and more! Every item is custom made and delivered to your house! Orders ship in 1-2 weeks because every item is custom printed for your exact specifications. Stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and perform at your very best. Put on your FFT gear and go to work! That's the Formal Fitness Training way! Apparel and Gear