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Formal Fitness Training and Steph Grace Fitness Showdown Part 2: Shoulders and Arms

When two trainers find the time to workout together, the result is magical. Professional trainer Stephanie Grace and Michael Hartman recently met up for a sleeve-tearing shoulder and arm routine. It was full of laughs, pain, and nuggets of wisdom. We hope you enjoy it! Finding a professional trainer, workout partner, or good friend to […]
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Build Bombshell Arms

There is a myth out there that women will get bulky easily by lifting weights. That is simply incorrect. Building muscle is extremely hard and requires immense amounts of effort and food. Today we will show you how to build and earn bombshell arms as a woman. Keep in mind that if you have more […]

Influencers Vs. Fitness Professionals

When a person decides they want help getting in shape or improving their fitness in 2024, they are inundated with countless options. You have online trainers, Instagram and TikTok fitness influencers, inexperienced personal trainers, medium-level personal trainers, and elite fitness professionals. The cost of these options varies from free to $5,000 per month. Which option […]

Summer Bodies are Built in the Winter

The month is June, you have a big vacation planned for the second week of July, and you look in your bathroom mirror wearing your bathing suit, and you simply don’t like what you see. Why didn’t I start sooner, you think? Sound familiar? Every year, we have clients who come out of the woodwork […]

Formal Fitness Training and Steph Grace Fitness Showdown: Chest and Back

Back just before Christmas on December 22nd, good friends and also veteran fitness professionals Michael Hartman and Stephanie Grace teamed up for what was a fun chest and back workout. Steph is a trainer in the Douglassville, PA, area, and she has a gym called Steph’s House of Gains. Michael was Stephanie’s trainer long before […]
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Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2024 and Top 5 Changes

The fitness landscape has seen many changes over the past few years with the COVID virus and getting back to normalcy. We have seen the rise and fall of virtual personal training and workouts at home. We have seen group training ebb and flow only to be firing on all cylinders again. There have been […]