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Taking Steps to Remain Positive While Investing in Your Future

There are thousands of personal growth and development books that come out each year. Some promise big returns on minimal effort. Others promise sustainable returns on seemingly unsustainable efforts. The easiest way to make progress is to do the same small, actionable processes day in and day out! I want you to commit to doing […]

Achieve Greater Results In Half The Time

Starting your fitness journey may have you wondering how much life you will have with the amount of time you will spend in the gym. Luckily for you, it is far less time than you have likely imagined! The internet is riddled with influencers who are spreading messages such as “team no days off,” “lift […]

The Oldest Excuse in History: I Don’t Have Time

It is generally more important to change the things you aren’t doing before you worry about the things you are doing. Most people start to slash calories and exercise like crazy in an effort to “lose weight”. Well, there are two things worth considering. Do you actually need to “lose weight”? Many times we have […]

Standardized Fitness Tests for The Military and First Responders; Creating Stronger Units!

The first step to success in any pursuit is admitting where you are deficient and finding coaches, books, or courses to teach you how to turn deficiencies into strengths. Over the last five years, Formal Fitness Training has had a tier of clients who came to us looking to improve their performance for vigorous and […]

Personal Improvement Leads To Lasting Results

Recently I have been thinking about the world and why it seems as though some people achieve lasting results in health, wealth and success while others are rarely making progress or actually prefer to remain the same for life. Why? Successful people hire coaches to help them get better (lawyers, medical professionals, accountants, trainers, chefs, […]

What I Would Tell My Twenty Year old Self Now

Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized “I’m not getting any younger”? You may start to think about your impact, your goals, your appearance & the mistakes or victories you made along the way; this has been me recently. What would I tell my twenty year old self from an advice, health and […]