Advice and Motivation

Strength Is Your Greatest Asset

The world right now is moving faster than it ever has before. Technology, healthcare, education and government can change on a dime and how we respond to those changes significantly dictates how our life progresses determining whether we improve, maintain or go backwards. Strength is the one thing that can keep you maintaining and likely […]

Are Excuses Holding You Back

In todays world there is an abundance of anything you need to succeed. Whether that is in the realm of health, wealth, success, happiness, fitness, nutrition or relationships. We have the best nutrition available in the history of the United States and we have gyms and parks available on every corner. Combine that with virtual […]


5 Tools for Fat Loss, Abundance Mindset & Self Love

In todays world there are so many promises when it comes to weight loss or fat loss virtually guaranteeing rapid results. But at what cost? Sure you can lose a bunch of weight in a few weeks but what is left will not be the muscular and fat free body which you are looking for. […]


20 Rules to Live a life of Perpetual Improvement

The one thing I find frustrating with self help books and motivational books is that you need to sift through so much information to find the good stuff. That is why I wrote my book Perpetual Improvement and why I decided to write this simple to follow list for implementation into your day to day […]

How to live a success driven life!

I feel as though I should preface this blog with a question: Are you going to let little things prevent you from achieving your goals? Are you going to complain every step of the way? Or are you simply going to do whatever it takes to make a success out of your life? If the […]


Baseball is Similar To Life

Here is a blog which I was hesitant to write because it might confuse some people, but I believe that leadership is earned through taking complicated things and making them simple. It seems as though everyone has a book written about how to improve your life and how to win at life. We are no […]