Coffee With a Trainer

Coffee with a trainer is a segment which features professional trainers who will answer your questions on health, nutrition, and fitness! The segment will be featured regularly on all social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Podcasting Apps, and also the Formal Fitness Training website. Each month will feature a professional personal trainer or health enthusiast along with Michael Hartman the owner of Formal Fitness Training. Sit back grab a notebook and a cup of coffee and learn something new!

collaboration over competition always

Formal Fitness Training – 4 Corner Podcast Episode 1

This is the first episode of the four corner podcast which featured Dani, Adam, Mike & Benn. In this episode we discussed strength training, workout related nutrition, how to move forward with your pre and post workout nutrition, corrective exercises and so much more. If fat loss, muscle gain or living a life of vitality […]

Coffee with a Trainer episode 18 featuring Ali Gilbert

Ali Gilbert is one of the premier coaches in the fitness and business coaching sectors, she is a TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness professional and she helps struggling men optimize their health through a variety of techniques. Ali is also a speaker on the NSCA platform as well as Perform Better. Ali and I sat […]
SHAPE Training Podcast

Coffee with a Trainer episode 17 featuring Delroy Thomas from SHAPE Training.

Delroy and I sat down and discussed motivation, some myths surrounding fitness and working out, how to get your mind correct & how “Not Quitting” could be the best piece of advice available to you! Some of the myths we covered include; should you be eating less to be lean or lose weight? This is […]
Benn Fineman with Formal Fitness Training

Coffee with a Trainer 16 featuring Benn Fineman from Intuitive Roots

Coffee with a Trainer Episode 16 featuring Benn Fineman from Intuitive Roots. Benn and I covered everything from bloodwork, to weight gain during the pandemic, why we got into the fitness industry, genetics and so much more. You can find Benn on Instagram: Intuitive_Roots Website: Always a great conversation with a great guy! Enjoy!
Women's Fitness and Health

Coffee with a Trainer Episode 15 – Featuring Hannah Corbacio

Hannah and I discussed “food freedom”, mindset, building muscles, how to Appropriately toggle calories and exercise, how often you should change your routine and I also dove into the fact that we all can do better. There is a major misconception that you need to be perfect with your diet or your fitness to see […]
Wellness and Fitness Podcast

Coffee with a Trainer Episode 14 – Featuring Lauren Blackford

Take a seat and learn from two professional coaches to live a life of perpetual improvement. This is a podcast which leaves nothing off the table. Lauren and Mike from Formal Fitness Training are extremely passionate about helping people unlock the secrets preventing people from improving their lives! We sat down on Zoom and discussed […]