Coffee with a Trainer episode 17 featuring Delroy Thomas from SHAPE Training.

Delroy and I sat down and discussed motivation, some myths surrounding fitness and working out, how to get your mind correct & how “Not Quitting” could be the best piece of advice available to you!

Some of the myths we covered include; should you be eating less to be lean or lose weight? This is something where you need to calculate your B.M.R. Or basal metabolic rate and then figure out where you need to add or subtract calories from your diet.

Does lifting weights make you bulky? The size of your muscles is “based off of how much you eat & your genetics; end of story” according to Delroy.

Hiring a coach; does it guarantee success? Hiring a coach will not guarantee success but many of the greats have coaches and that helps them get to a higher tier of excellence.

Things recommended in show: Book W1nning – Tim Grover

Instagram: @the.shape.trainer

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