Coffee with a Trainer episode 18 featuring Ali Gilbert

Ali Gilbert is one of the premier coaches in the fitness and business coaching sectors, she is a TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness professional and she helps struggling men optimize their health through a variety of techniques. Ali is also a speaker on the NSCA platform as well as Perform Better.

Ali and I sat down and discussed hormone optimization through Testosterone Replacement Therapy and why men struggle to ask for help. I shared that I believe it is because most of us are not used to talking about these things. Ali makes it easy to understand and she is an approachable source for great information.

We also talked about how taking your time and making small manageable changes to your diet may be the key to lasting success and the ability to maintain weight loss or muscle gaining.

Most interestingly we talked about estrogens; why they are bad and the impact that are having on our health now, previously and going into the future. Don’t touch those receipts or drink out of water bottles that were left in the car.

It was a feel good conversation between to professionals who are also friends. Enjoy and check out Ali’s website.

Http:// & the book she mentions in the show Estrogeneration by Anthony Jay!

Instagram @thealigilbert

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