Man laying down eating cookies and cupcakes.

Your Cellular Health is a Direct Reflection of What You Put into Your Body

It is absolutely alarming to us when we study new clients nutritional logs and find that they are eating mostly nonsense. We find processed foods, minimal or no intake of fruits and vegetables, minimal protein & dehydration. The longer you live like this; the worse your long term health is going to be. If you […]
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Eating Enough Food; The Key To Body Transformation

Most people who are struggling to lose weight are struggling because they are under-eating and they are consuming the wrong types of food with their low calorie diets. This will create an endless loop of catabolic muscle wasting (losing muscle) & fat preservation (maintain or gaining more fat). Media has done nothing to help with […]
Ideal Cheat Meal

Do I Need To Consume Cheat Meals

The low down on cheat meals…. Are they needed? Should I have them weekly? Let’s first consider why we eat healthy to begin with. If you are trying to lose fat; you are trying to burn pure fat and maintain as much muscle mass as you can (thus maintaining your metabolism). If you are trying […]

Is Alcohol Good Or Bad?

Drinking can be as common in our culture as drinking water, depending on your career choice, and the company which you keep. Is it healthy to drink everyday? According to the NIH and healthline moderate alcohol consumption can raise HDL cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, help reduce blood clots, decrease the risk of diabetes, and temporarily reduce stress and anxiety. What is […]
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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

This may sound harsh, but if you are failing to properly execute a pre and post workout nutrition plan, you’re most likely wasting your time in the gym! With so many conflicting theories out there on what to do before and after a workout, it is easy to get confused! That is why I’m going […]
make your immune system stonger

Exercise for a Stronger Immune System

It is now November and the temperatures are fluctuating. This can only mean one thing! People will get sick! Most people understand what it takes to keep a sanitary work and play environment, but many don’t. The tips below will help you in the gym to decrease your chances of catching a bug from those […]