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Protein is King To Earn a Lean and Muscular Physique

In the money world they say cash is king & you should invest early and often while consistently living below your means to create sustainable wealth. Well in the bodybuilding & build an amazing physique world; protein is king. We can notice some similarities; eat protein early and often & consistently consuming protein at adequate amounts will create sustainable muscle. Talk about wealth; more muscle!

All macronutrients have their role in health and well being. Healthy fats assist the body in managing cholesterol levels, inflammation levels, brain function and blood sugar as well but the best part about fat when it comes to trying to be lean is the fact that it helps you feel full. Carbohydrates are a bit more “glamorous” because they provide the energy for your workouts and are responsible for filling and refilling your muscle tissues with glycogen so you have the energy to hit your cardio and weight training workouts with authority! Lastly there is protein; about 1g of protein per pound bodyweight will tell your body to maintain muscle, while preventing catabolism (muscle loss) and also give you the unique opportunity to build muscle. More muscle equals a greater metabolism and a decreased risk of injury. Greater metabolism means that you can eat more of the foods you love without gaining adipose tissue (fat).

A point that needs to be made is that a high protein diet is best utilized following a structure strength and conditioning program, good hydration and adequate amounts of NEAT (non-exercise-activity-time). Insuring you are doing that will allow you to build muscle and begin reducing your fat storage on your body; aka lean and healthy!

Getting enough protein can be a daunting thing & Formal Fitness Training likes to make it as easy for our followers and clients as we can so here are the sources of protein we most often recommend.

We encourage our clients to aim for two “real food” meals containing 24-40g of protein each and then supplementing the rest of the protein they need out of convenience.

A typical day for one of our clients (4o year old female who lifts weights 4 days per week) may look like this and will give you a great template to follow and adjust based on your own personal needs. If you are confused; ask for help!

  1. Meal 1: 3 eggs; 1 cup of oatmeal; 1/4 cup cottage cheese
  2. Snack: 2 scoops of Phormula-1 Protein Powder in a delicious flavor
  3. Meal 2: 6oz Chicken Breast; 1 cup brown rice; 2 cups of mixed vegetables
  4. Snack: 1st Phorm Beef Stick & 1 String Cheese
  5. Meal 3: 8oz New York Strip Steak; 1 cup of whole grain pasta; 2 cups of mixed vegetables.

This is about 180g of protein for the day. As you can see it would be fairly easy to mix and match this diet “rough outline” by substituting other protein sources along the way. Getting enough protein is very hard if you aren’t used to it so it is prudent to plan out your days the night before so you know what you “need to” eat throughout the day to reach your goals.

Hulk Hogan used to say “train hard; take your vitamins & say your prayers” which was probably good advice and he had 24 inch Pythons (Arms)

Mike Hartman says “train smart; eat your protein; manage your stress & sleep well”.

Keep getting better!

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