Supplements: Take them or Skip Them?

The vitamin and supplement industry, as of 2022, had a revenue of 39.4 billion dollars. This means that, based on the population of the world, they are getting about $5 per person per year. (39.4 billion / 7.888 billion people) Many people across the world can’t afford supplements because they are too focused on the necessities such as clean drinking water, food, housing, and survival.

The consumption of supplements does add up very quickly. Mike, the owner of Formal Fitness Training, takes caffeine, red rice yeast, D3, and multivitamins. The approximate monthly cost is $73 per month. This does not include protein shakes, protein bars, beef sticks, and other high-protein snacks, which would equate to another $120/month (let’s consider those items; food). One hundred ninety-three dollars per month to optimize health and gym function. Is it worth it?

Let’s start with a few points. Number one: if you can’t afford to purchase supplements and meal replacement items, we think you can get away with skipping them. Number two: if you can afford to purchase supplements and meal replacement items; we think you can improve your blood work and performance by anywhere from 3-20%.

Many things in life will be taken for granted or avoided due to the almighty dollar. As far as blood work goes (which we have covered in previous blogs), you shouldn’t take supplements just because you want to; there should be a reason. Back to the Mike example: He takes D3, red rice yeast, and multivitamins because he is deficient in D3, has borderline high cholesterol, and doesn’t always get five servings of vegetables per day, so he fills in nutritional gaps with the supplements. The caffeine is basically a necessity; we are sure you can relate!

There is also a major argument that can be made regarding supplements being safer than pharmaceuticals in terms of side effects, but since that is not proven, we will leave that statement very vague. We will say, though, that you can naturally fix many bloodwork issues with vitamins and supplements, which will likely cost more than medication, but if you have the money and choose to do it holistically; it may be the way to go.

We are living in an age where everyone is marketing and vying for your hard-earned dollars. Fat burners, pre-packaged meal plans (where you basically starve), multi-level-marketing gimmicks, and get rich quick schemes where your “friend” begs you to buy products because they are “so good”; make it difficult to decide what you should do.

So here are some general baseline thoughts.

  1. Don’t take supplements unless your blood work says you need to.
  2. Don’t believe some miracle pill or product is going to help you burn fat faster than a good diet and exercise program.
  3. Don’t take advice from people who aren’t professional trainers, nutritionists, or doctors.
  4. Focus on getting your nutrients from whole food sources whenever possible.
  5. Master the basics and get the most results you can with them before adding things to your routine or diet.
  6. Convenience is great, but it might not always be the healthiest option.
  7. If it seems too good to be true; it is!
  8. Health is much like wealth; every deposit or withdrawal takes you closer or further away from your goals.
  9. Don’t let anyone tell you how to spend your money; make educated decisions based on the information you have.
  10. You are worth it! You deserve happiness, health, wealth, and success. Inevitably, what you look like, how you feel, and how much money you have will come down to the person you stare at in the mirror each morning. Make wise choices and keep getting better.

In closing:

There is nothing wrong with taking supplements, trying things, and looking to improve your life, but many times boatloads of pill bottles and containers of mystery blends are not needed to keep making progress. Most of the Formal Fitness Training clients take three things (multivitamins, whey protein, and caffeine). Beyond that, make sure your blood work deems it a necessity and not a random experiment!


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