Injury Prevention and Recovery

How Overtraining Feels

Should I Take A Week Off From Working Out

Is it important to take a week off from working out in the gym? The answer may surprise you. Let me cliff-note a recent interaction with a client. The client: “Hey Coach, I am constantly sore recently. I’m sleeping terribly & overall I feel like crap. Should I take a week off from weight training? […]
A man bent over (wearing a black shirt) experiencing back pain.

Back Pain Should not Rule Your Life

Back pain can come on suddenly “with a drop of a hat” literally. You might be fifty years old and have never had a back issue before and “boom” you are on the ground unable to move following moving the “wrong way”. Additionally perhaps you have had back pain forever and it is just something […]

The Five Components of Fitness; Which one are you Neglecting?

The five  components of fitness are: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Body Composition. Which one are you neglecting? As a baseline muscular strength and muscular endurance needs can be met with two or three days of weight training & bodyweight movements utilizing a variety of muscles and making sure to balance your training […]

Respect your Recovery

Respect your recovery if you want to stay healthy in the gym or in sports for many years to come. Think about this? How many people do you see come in the gym and just get to it? They start working out right away with little to no warm up. Then they complete their workout […]

Why Form is Important

I believe form is the single most important thing to pay attention to in the gym! Not weight lifted, calories burned, or anything else.  Why? If you have terrible form you have a good chance of getting hurt! It might not happen right away, but eventually faulty movements and body mechanics will catch up to you. The only way […]
girl doing bench press

The Science of Doing Exercises Correctly to Keep you Safe

The new year is upon us and many newbies are showing up at the gym in droves and doing the best they can to carry out their New Year’s Resolutions. This is great! With more than 50% of the population being obese, it’s great that people have great intentions at the beginning of the year to get […]