Is Alcohol Good Or Bad?

Drinking can be as common in our culture as drinking water, depending on your career choice, and the company which you keep. Is it healthy to drink everyday?

According to the NIH and healthline moderate alcohol consumption can raise HDL cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, help reduce blood clots, decrease the risk of diabetes, and temporarily reduce stress and anxiety.

What is moderation?

Moderation is 1 drink per day for woman and up to 2 drinks per day for men. It is recommended that if you already drink to do so in moderation, but if you don’t currently drink, the risks outweigh the benefits of starting. This is mainly due to the risk of becoming addicted.

What is one drink classified as ?

1.5 oz of Hard Liquor

12 oz of Beer

4 oz of Wine

How many calories are in these beverages?

Starting from lowest to highest

Hard Liquor – 40-80 calories

Wine – 100-140

Beer – 80-350 calories (Light beer vs. a 12% Craft Beer)

Mixed Drinks – 40-800 (Rum and Diet Vs. Margarita)

As you can see the ranges of caloric load coming from alcohol can vary greatly. It is important to not only drink in moderation, but also consume the alcohol and calories which fit in to your fitness goals. Alcohol can increase you hunger so make sure to track your food intake even while drinking to make sure you stick to your nutrition plan as close as possible.

Some Drinks Formal Fitness Training Approves

6 oz Zevia Soda (Sweetened With Stevia) or Diet soda w/ 1.5 ounce of Liquor of your choice. Caloric load 60-110 calories

Red Wine- 4 oz. Caloric load 100-130 calories

Craft Beer – Generally craft brewing companies place emphasis on higher quality ingredients which will increase the amount of B vitamins & antioxidants in beer. It may also cut your risk of kidney stones by 41%. Caloric load 80-350 calories.

Unapproved List




Domestic Beer (Many have artificial sweeteners, and are loaded with genetically modified corn)

I think it is perfectly fine to have a few drinks on the weekend or have a drink every night, if you can avoid overdoing the food while you are consuming the alcohol, and can stop yourself after 1 or 2 drinks. If you don’t drink currently, it is not advised to start! If you find that you can’t drink without staying moderate, you may want to cut back or limit how often you drink. Drink according to your tolerance, and fitness goals. If you do drink remember to not drive! Use uber, steerclear, or have a friend who doesn’t drink do the driving.

Committed to your health and a lifestyle that can be both sustainable and enjoyable!


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