4 Types of People

Stepping away from fitness in this blog and talking about the four people you will meet in your life.

There are four types of people that you will encounter in life.

1. There will be those who support you.

These people can include your family, friends, co-workers, or people you encounter who are just very genuinely supportive people. This is the group of people who will challenge you and help you. They will also be there for you to speak to, about issues you encounter and will always try to keep you going in the right direction. These are also the people who will give everything they have, to help you succeed.

Love these people, support them back, together you can do great things and produce bigger results as an effect of your relationships!

2. Those who you admire/envy. (More successful than you)

These people can include mentors, family members, people in your field who are further along than you, or those people who you most likely can only experience in books or online. With social media today, it is easier than ever to connect with people. Use this to your advantage.

The statement said very often is “you are the culmination of the 5 people you surround yourself with”. This goes personally, intellectually, financially, and emotionally.

If you want to grow and keep moving forward in life it is imperative that you seek those who know something you don’t currently know. This will allow you to learn and prevent yourself from making some mistakes that could have been prevented. Also known as short-cuts.

If you are fortunate enough to have one or more of these people take you under your wing, take a liking to you, and support you in your fitness and business endeavors, you will grow 5-10x faster than doing it alone!

3. Those who admire/ envy you.

These people can be those younger than you, friends, family, and people who you see day-to-day. These are the people who respect you for what you are doing and wish to see you succeed in all that you do. They also wish to know some of what you know so they too can improve their lives.

These are people whom you can be a mentor for. I’m a big believe in the circle of influence. You will have people who influence and help you, those who support you, and those who you influence and support yourself.

Cultivate these people because they will be the people who could move into your supporters and even potentially mentors some day as  you continue to grow together!

4. Those who want you to fail.

Simple, if someone doesn’t support you and wants you to fail, they need to be eliminated from your life. Immediately. Most people are amazing, I would say 98% of them, but you will run into a few rotten tomatoes. My advice is to move away from them as diligently and swiftly as possible. If this is someone who is “married” to you like a friend, co-worker, or family member choose the amount of time and energy you give to these people appropriately. You can’t choose your family, or your co-workers, but you can set an example for them and maybe one day they will come around! You can choose your friends.

The 3 kinds of people that you want in your life are

  1. Those who you admire / envy
  2. Those who support you
  3. Those who admire / envy you

The people to drop from your life immediately without exception are

1. Those who want you to fail

They have no place. Eliminate them now. If you can’t because they are in your family or work with you, choose to limit the time you surround yourself with them and keep your wall up!

Onward and upward always! Lift each other up and watch opportunity to grow open up!


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