Don’t Let F.E.A.R. affect your results!

What is Fear? Future Expectations Affecting Results (F.E.A.R)

If you expect that the thing you are afraid of is going to cause you struggles it probably will & if you think facing your fears will create positive outcomes it probably will. Try not to get stuck focusing on your F.E.A.R. It is ok to be scared, it is ok to be worried, it is ok to have some anxiety about tests, business decisions, asking someone out on a date or anything like that but it is not ok to let the F.E.A.R prevent you from taking action and pursuing your goals and dreams! I think back to a few examples when F.E.A.R just gripped me.

1. On a date at a movie theater with a girl back in the early days of high school when I knew she liked me but my hand was on the arm rest and I COULD NOT for the life of me even take the risk to hold her hand or touch her leg. My mind physically and mentally would not let me do it.
2. I walked into a corporate wellness meeting where I had sweat-provoking fear walking in and I could hardly speak in my car. I had cotton mouth & I was so NERVOUS. I went in and after about two minutes I became my normal motivated self and that single corporate wellness talk gained me two years working with an awesome company and I still work with people who I met that day due to taking a risk and overcoming my F.E.A.R.

As you are reading this fear could be gripping you and preventing you from moving forward in many ways. Perhaps you want a personal trainer but you doubt you will find the right one, or your last relationship was so horrible that you think every relationship is going to be bad. I’m here to tell you that every time you face your fears it is like a muscle and the more often you train that muscle the stronger your ability to overcome fear will become. I can’t tell you how many people I know who haveĀ  been nervous for a job interview, having a difficult conversation or starting something new but when they did what they were afraid to do (fearful) they ended up improving their life exponentially because of it. If you take my second example above with the corporate wellness meeting; that was the single biggest sale of my career and it opened up so many doorways of people for me to help which still is contributing to the growth of Formal Fitness Training today! Side note; I still hate public speaking but I do it because I know how impactful it can be. I also played at least thirty shows with my bands over the years and those minutes before hitting the stage are nerve racking too. But it does get easier each time you do it. If you see someone who makes it look natural, I can almost guarantee they have performed many times before!

Advice: If you currently have something that is F.E.A.R based holding you back my suggestion would be to try anyway! Do anyway! Many times NO is the worst thing that happens and if you don’t get the desired outcome at least you faced your F.E.A.Rs which provide lesson’s which will propel you down the yellow brick road to success! Perhaps the true lesson is to face your F.E.A.R.s always but most importantly reframe your mindset. Instead of thinking what will GO WRONG think about what will GO RIGHT!

Onward and Upward!

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