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Results; That Which is Measured is Improved!

Fat loss, toning and weight loss. Those are the three most common reasons someone embarks on an exercise program followed by muscle building, looking better naked & lastly health. Health should probably be number one but social media has us conditioned to want to look a certain way.

Just remember many of the people who you follow and look like your “ideal” body type are not always what they seem. They could have one percent genetics, lip implants, butt implants, boob implants, botox, liposuction, etc & they could also be taking anabolic steroids things which you would never consider to achieve their look. They also could have been working out for ten or more years; while you are just getting started. You might find though that unless you live in certain areas (Miami, Los Angeles etc) if you look around your current city that most people are fairly average and you are probably normal. It’s ok to be normal but striving to be better is a great thing and always will lead to positive outcomes. Compete with yourself; not with others.

The purpose of this blog is to dive into what results truly are and we at F.F.T have seen a variety of results over the years so we will share a few quick story’s an also give you a list of things to track when you are striving to achieve success that you can measure for progress purposes.

If you are trying to lose weight or build muscle there might be an number of these things that happen during the journey to achieve your goals. You might feel better, move better, clothing fits better, more energy, more confidence, flexibility improves, mobility improves, attitude improves, you can walk longer, you can run for the first time in a longtime or you get stronger.

Then you have some of the less talked about potential achievements; your relationships are better, you make more money, you love life more, your pain goes away, your body starts to look different, you try out a type of outfit you would have never tried before, you wear a two-piece bathing suit for the first time in over a decade, you catch people checking you out as you walk down the road, you start making better food choices at restaurants & home, you carry water every place you go, you start inspiring friends and family to make healthier choices & perhaps you even make some new friends a the gym instead of the club.

That is not an exclusive list but simply a starting point to measure your progress. Here are some specific examples of results & progress.

Client A is a high achieving businessman who started personal training with us one year ago & in one year has lost over thirty pounds of fat while building over fifteen pounds of muscle transforming his body and incidentally doubled his income. He is walking around with more confidence and commanding respect in the community. This year we are goals is losing the rest of the unwanted fat, building more muscle and watching him continue to build his empire.

Client B had a whole lot of life happen to her over the past four years which prevented her from putting herself first. Well that all changed about six months ago when she reached out to Formal Fitness Training. She started with a walker while struggling to get off the sofa and come to let us in the front door for in home training. Fast forward six months and she has lost loads of fat and can now walk about half way around a country block with Mike (using only a cane). She now can get into and out of the house and up and down steps with much less of a struggle and she recently went on her first vacation in some time!

Client C started as a recently graduated high school student and has been with F.F.T for over fourteen years. He started at 160 pounds (soaking wet) and is now 235lbs. He built 75lbs of muscle while maintaining his body-fat. During that time he quadrupled his income, built a nice investment portfolio, bought two brand new vehicles and bought his first house. Did I mention he was also able to dump his anxiety and depression medication and no longer needs it while his confidence continues to improve daily.

In addition to those specific examples we have seen people rid themselves of diabetes, get off cholesterol & blood pressure medicine, recovery from major injuries and health setbacks & even find their dream partners during their time with F.F.T.

A goal is not a destination. A goal is a journey. Fitness isn’t about the end point; it is about the beginning, the middle and forever! 

The moment the world stops looking at losing weight as a thing to do but rather a way of life to maintain a positive body image and sustainable lifestyle; we will see way more people begin their journey’s.

As we approach the end of another year and you may begin to think about a change in your life remember we are here for you!

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