What is Formal Fitness Training?

Who is Formal Fitness Training?

Formal Fitness Training is the pursuit of self discovery and improvement everyday. It is for the normal person trying to do better or be better. It is not someone trying to hit the genetic lottery or someone seeking perfection. It is more for the person that when their back is against the wall they are going to keep working forward, keep trying and keep working hard. The owner of FFT is a normal guy struggling just like everyone else to avoid bad food, laziness, staying driven, keeping motivation up & keeping his life in order all while inspiring others to do the same.  That is something that doesn’t often get spoke about: that (unless you are 1 or 2% genetics) you will work your butt off to improve and it may not be what you envisioned it to be but that’s ok. Strive to be the best version of yourself.

Do the very best with the body you are given, reach with your mind to learn and grow, surround yourself with people trying to do the same and get a little better & stronger every day! That is who is Formal Fitness Training. Are you F.F.T?

What Formal Fitness Training is

Formal Fitness Training is the business built out of a way to do fitness better for the average person who wants to be more or become a high achiever. It is a forward first business that is centered with fitness & nutrition with the goal to improve lives in the realm of Perpetual Improvement. Perpetual Improvement is the belief and pursuit of a life of health, wealth, success, happiness, great relationships, good fitness and nutrition with unexpected good luck along the way due to hard work and dedication. What FFT is not is a get fit quick scheme or supplement regimen promising a quick 30 day “washboard” ab solution or 100 pounds of fat loss in three weeks. It is a hard working, motivation based, do it even if you don’t want to solution to improving your life and fitness. Nothing matters when the ship is not balanced because it will eventually tip, spring a leak and sink.

At FFT we believe in a balanced ship with a great work-life-fitness lifestyle based on moderation and brief periods of sacrifice to produce the life or body we truly want.  Do you have what it takes to be F.F.T?

Why Formal Fitness Training?

Formal Fitness Training is a community of working professionals, small business owners, teachers, nurses and more who come together to move the world forward. We have small group workouts where you can meet new friends and build your network with people from potentially anywhere. We support, lift each other up and move the needle forward even on the days we aren’t training together. We do that through FB groups, text messaging threads, group gatherings and group Zoom calls. One on one training is great and is a large part of the FFT way however many of our clients do 1 on 1 and also end up doing groups as well because they love being a part of the virtual community. This comes from owner Michael’s often solitary journey to fitness realizing that results come quicker when they are built around the love & support of a community, friends & family.

Never be alone, always know what to do next and being a part of something far greater than fitness. That is Formal Fitness Training! What is your why?

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