Personal Improvement Leads To Lasting Results

Recently I have been thinking about the world and why it seems as though some people achieve lasting results in health, wealth and success while others are rarely making progress or actually prefer to remain the same for life. Why?

Successful people hire coaches to help them get better (lawyers, medical professionals, accountants, trainers, chefs, therapists). Thinking about what it is that makes Formal Fitness Training clientele succeed at the level required to work with professional personal trainers or other coaches you may find interesting.

Is that the secret? Simply work hard and show up while having a good attitude and the desire to learn. I really think that it is. If you do those things consistently chances are you will earn more money, attract high quality mates and friends, progress in occupation and society while being less likely to make detrimental mistakes.

What are some things which really slow down or prevent success?

Generally these blogs contribute towards health and fitness and this post is no different; however I do think it is important to start looking beyond what we are doing in the gym if we are to achieve a life worth telling about when we grow older and turn towards the the final stretch of life.

When you stop to consider the reason people workout you are likely to run across three primary reasons. Vanity (looking better), improve health because of a medical condition & lastly the people who do it as a habit because they want to look better, improve their health and also continually level up in all aspects of their lives. How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Perhaps you think it is presumptuous to lump people together under these particular habits or perhaps you agree with what I’m saying. ¬†Neither thought is wrong; perhaps it is presumptuous but the purpose of Formal Fitness Training is to help our clients & readers achieve a state of perpetual improvement which means anyone is welcome as long as they want to become above average or great. If at the end of this journey we find out that this was our only life and we look back and realize we wasted it because we were unhealthy, unfit, negative and lazy it will be unfortunate.

If you can do one thing today I would recommend taking stock of where you are at with health, wealth and success and write down one thing you can improve today, tomorrow and later this week. Keep doing that at the beginning of each month for the rest of your life; then look back in a few years and see just how far you have come.

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