Gym Etiquette: Part 2

Gym etiquette part 2.

This week we bring to you part two of the Formal Fitness Training Gym rules of gym etiquette. It once was reasonably simple, but now with all the new technology we must re-establish rules. With wireless headphones, heart rate monitors, cell phones which give constant contact and internet access, TV’s, and more there are many forms of distraction at the gym than just about anywhere else. These rules evolve every couple of years but the general rules remain constant. Learn these rules and everyone will have a safe and enjoyable time at the gym.

  1. Slamming Weights – Be kind to the equipment at the gym. Don’t slam the dumbbells or barbells, this is how things break. If you’re performing olympic lifts and you know you will be setting the weight down hard, use the power racks with flooring designed for this.
  2. Filling your giant water jug and not letting someone who just wants to take a sip of water go before you – Its going to take them a few seconds and its going to take you a couple of minutes.
  3. Abusing the equipment – When the weight stacks are banging on every single repetition, you are doing it wrong! Don’t slam the weight stack!
  4. Attempting to have a full-blown conversation with someone who is working hard – It’s a good being pleasant with other members, but remember why you all at the gym, to get a workout in!
  5. Not washing your hands after using the rest room – When I see someone use the bathroom and neglect to wash their hands I want to yell at them, but I don’t. I know this is often taught in kindergarten, but adults need reminders too.
  6. Not offering a spot – If someone is noticeably struggling, offer a spot on their next set. They might say they don’t need one, but at least you asked.
  7. Singing out loud – Dropping a rap, or a song in the middle of the gym can really annoy or distract other members. Save that for the car or shower.
  8. Hanging your coat, keys, or water bottle on a piece of equipment you aren’t using – If you’re not using it, don’t put your belongings on it!
  9. Interrupting a trainer who is training someone to ask for advice – The person working with this trainer is paying good money for training. A trainer will be glad to help you when the session is over. Make friends with the trainers, that way you can reach out to them on social media before you get to the gym, or schedule a session to learn some new moves.
  10. Not re-racking your weights – Some people at the gym aren’t as strong as you, and they also aren’t your mother. If you put weights on a machine or remove a dumbbell from the rack please return it to the rack.

Committed to your health!
~Michael Hartman
Formal Fitness Training CEO

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