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Top 5 Reasons Why Having a 6-Pack Is Overhyped

For some reason, throughout my lifetime, there has been an obsession with having a ripped midsection; also known as the abdominals. Headlines such as “get ripped abs in 30 days,”, “smaller waist in seven days,”, “drink this for defined abs” and “lose thirty pounds and expose your ripped six pack”, have been dominating the fitness […]

Personal Improvement Leads To Lasting Results

Recently I have been thinking about the world and why it seems as though some people achieve lasting results in health, wealth and success while others are rarely making progress or actually prefer to remain the same for life. Why? Successful people hire coaches to help them get better (lawyers, medical professionals, accountants, trainers, chefs, […]

What I Would Tell My Twenty Year old Self Now

Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized “I’m not getting any younger”? You may start to think about your impact, your goals, your appearance & the mistakes or victories you made along the way; this has been me recently. What would I tell my twenty year old self from an advice, health and […]
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Weight Training Should Replace Traditional Cardiovascular Activity

When most people think about cardiovascular activity they think of the boring (walking on the treadmill, riding the bike, stair master, elliptical) activities. Yes, these are cardiovascular ¬†activities but if you spend thirty to sixty minutes per day on these devices; there is no amount of music, Netflix or podcasts that will make it less […]
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Protein is King To Earn a Lean and Muscular Physique

In the money world they say cash is king & you should invest early and often while consistently living below your means to create sustainable wealth. Well in the bodybuilding & build an amazing physique world; protein is king. We can notice some similarities; eat protein early and often & consistently consuming protein at adequate […]
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Optimal Intensity: Why minimal effort will lead to minimal results.

Overtraining! It is something you hear about often; but we would venture to say less than 2% of gym goers have the potential to suffer from it (overtraining). Actually recently FFT Owner Mike has been paying closer attention than usual to what is happening in the gym. What he has observed; he has found on […]