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Playing the Long Game is the only Game you should be Playing

From as far back as I can remember the headlines would read “six pack abs in thirty days”, “add two inches to your biceps in six weeks” or “lose 50 pounds in three months”. Do you want to know the truth? Those are lies. Seventeen years in the fitness industry will show you what works, […]
How Overtraining Feels

Should I Take A Week Off From Working Out

Is it important to take a week off from working out in the gym? The answer may surprise you. Let me cliff-note a recent interaction with a client. The client: “Hey Coach, I am constantly sore recently. I’m sleeping terribly & overall I feel like crap. Should I take a week off from weight training? […]
Ideal Cheat Meal

Do I Need To Consume Cheat Meals

The low down on cheat meals…. Are they needed? Should I have them weekly? Let’s first consider why we eat healthy to begin with. If you are trying to lose fat; you are trying to burn pure fat and maintain as much muscle mass as you can (thus maintaining your metabolism). If you are trying […]
A man bent over (wearing a black shirt) experiencing back pain.

Back Pain Should not Rule Your Life

Back pain can come on suddenly “with a drop of a hat” literally. You might be fifty years old and have never had a back issue before and “boom” you are on the ground unable to move following moving the “wrong way”. Additionally perhaps you have had back pain forever and it is just something […]
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Long Term Vision Leads to Short Term Success

Remember the time you went to the gym in January for a couple of weeks; bought a treadmill for home which later became a coat rack or saw a friends results and felt jealous and thought “I should do something about my health and fitness”? The problem for many is they don’t have a long […]

Taking a Week Off from Training & Why Vacation Weight Gain is B.S.

How many times have you had a conversation with a friend, colleague or family member when they got back from vacation and they say something to the effect “I gained ten pounds on vacation”? I’m here to tell you that not only is that complete and utter B.S., it is also virtually impossible. See to […]