Where you are does not have to be where you end up!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones, How are you doing today? We don’t know each other really well but if you took the chance to know me, I think we would get along just fine, become buddies or even best friends. My name is EXERCISE! I hear you late at night when you tell each other […]

The Six Reasons why Working out Virtually with a Trainer may work best for you!

One of the most amazing things happened during the past five months where people have been working from home or unable to do their normal routines; people worked out together. I have whole families working out together virtually. This includes couples, friends, and even co-workers. All of these workouts are made possible due to the […]

Exercise is Crucial to the Older Adult

Exercise is important for everyone but it is crucial for anyone over the age of sixty. It cannot be stressed enough that the most effective medicine in the world is exercise and a healthy diet rich in good fats, vegetables & high quality proteins. What are the benefits of exercise?¬†Exercise strengthens bones, reduces the risk […]

The Finish Line is Never the End!

The finish line is never the end. Whether you are losing weight, building muscle, working with a personal trainer, running a race, playing a sport, going for a job, or anything else that you are pursuing for a given period of time. If we look simply from a fitness perspective there is usually a goal […]

Make Working Out Fun Again

Hello everyone and welcome back to a Formal Fitness Training rambling; I mean blog by me Mike the owner of FFT. Thanks for taking a few moments out of your day to see what is running through my endless stream of thoughts and aspirations! Today was a great morning. I was up at 5:50am so […]

The Trainer Bunch Volume 1: At home workout!

The Trainer Bunch Volume 1 was the first of hopefully many collaborations with four of the best trainers in the fitness industry. Danielle Keperling – Be Dani Fit Stefano Sarge – Ampersand Integrative Wellness Benn Fineman – Intuitive Roots Michael Hartman – Formal Fitness Training The trainers got together on Zoom and then connected to […]