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Wellness and Fitness Podcast

Coffee with a Trainer Episode 14 – Featuring Lauren Blackford

Take a seat and learn from two professional coaches to live a life of perpetual improvement. This is a podcast which leaves nothing off the table. Lauren and Mike from Formal Fitness Training are extremely passionate about helping people unlock the secrets preventing people from improving their lives! We sat down on Zoom and discussed […]

Integrative Wellness Podcast

Coffee with a Personal Trainer Episode 13- Featuring Ampersand Integrative Wellness

Sometimes the best things happen when you combine three minds at the same time and talk about the items which will help you improve your life. Stefano and Jesse are long-term friends of Formal Fitness Training and have both experienced injuries and setbacks throughout their fitness journeys. Everytime we get together you are sure to […]

Driven Personal Training Podcast

Coffee with a Personal Trainer Episode 12 – Featuring Stephanie Grace

There are times in life when you click with someone and someone always makes you smile, makes you think and forces you to elevate your game. Stephanie Grace is one of those people. Steph is currently and independent trainer for F.F.T and is someone who takes great pride in her personal training and fitness pursuits. […]

Are Excuses Holding You Back

In todays world there is an abundance of anything you need to succeed. Whether that is in the realm of health, wealth, success, happiness, fitness, nutrition or relationships. We have the best nutrition available in the history of the United States and we have gyms and parks available on every corner. Combine that with virtual […]


5 Tools for Fat Loss, Abundance Mindset & Self Love

In todays world there are so many promises when it comes to weight loss or fat loss virtually guaranteeing rapid results. But at what cost? Sure you can lose a bunch of weight in a few weeks but what is left will not be the muscular and fat free body which you are looking for. […]


Bikini’s, Barbells, Beer and Backyard BBQ’s

It’s that time of year again, summer is beginning to reach everyone’s headspace. What does that mean? A whole lot of B’s: Bikini’s, bourbon, beer, beaches, baseball, bbqs, backyard parties, beverages & beach bodies galore. I will be the first to say that if you have waited this long to start getting in shape for […]