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Long Term Vision Leads to Short Term Success

Remember the time you went to the gym in January for a couple of weeks; bought a treadmill for home which later became a coat rack or saw a friends results and felt jealous and thought “I should do something about my health and fitness”? The problem for many is they don’t have a long […]

Taking a Week Off from Training & Why Vacation Weight Gain is B.S.

How many times have you had a conversation with a friend, colleague or family member when they got back from vacation and they say something to the effect “I gained ten pounds on vacation”? I’m here to tell you that not only is that complete and utter B.S., it is also virtually impossible. See to […]

Build Muscle for a Faster Metabolism

I’m seeing a trend in today’s health and fitness space which I believe is problematic. It is not uncommon to see nutrition plans consisting of calories 1200-1600 per day for men and women to be combined with an hour or two of cardiovascular activity. The problem with this approach is participants will lose weight; but […]

Success Comes to Those Who Stay the Course!

Today marks essentially the two year mark from when Covid-19 caused shut downs around the world. Now inflation is increasing, gas prices are increasing and unrest over seas has people on the edge of their seats. In todays socially connected world; there comes a desire to have results/things right away! This is why we tend […]
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Results; That Which is Measured is Improved!

Fat loss, toning and weight loss. Those are the three most common reasons someone embarks on an exercise program followed by muscle building, looking better naked & lastly health. Health should probably be number one but social media has us conditioned to want to look a certain way. Just remember many of the people who […]
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The Two Most Important Things to Focus on When Weight Training

When weight training (whether you are a novice or advanced participant) it is imperative that you focus on form and volume in your weight training routine. Failure to keep an eye on these items can lead to injuries from failure to perform exercises correctly or from increasing your training volume too quickly. The flip side […]