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2018 Holiday Survival Guide

If you want to take your fitness and health seriously, you must take a hard look at the holidays! From there you will decide how you will enjoy the season, and keep your gut in check. The average American consumes 3000 calories on Thanksgiving, 7000 calories on Christmas, and on average 619 extra calories daily […]

How to do High Intensity Interval Training to burn Maximum Fat!

High intensity interval training is one of the most talked about, written about, and misinformed types of exercise in the fitness industry. There are multiple ways to perform HIIT. First is the scientific way which is what I’m going to show you today, which requires some simple math equations and a heart rate monitor. Second […]

Weight Training is Important for Overall Health and Fitness Results

Weight training is very important, and potentially the one thing that you are missing in your quest for a higher quality of life. Hundreds of new participants enter the gym each year and most of them start the same way. They get on the treadmill or the bike and walk or ride the bicycle slowly […]

Formal Fitness Back, Traps, Biceps, and Tabata Workout

This workout was filmed at Wyomissing Fitness and Training and was a back, traps, biceps, and tabata workout. The song was courtesy of Sulia Studio and Wes U. was in the film with the FFT CEO Michael Hartman. If you want to try this workout for by yourself or with a partner I will post […]

How to improve instantly!

Formal Fitness Training Top 10 Things to Do for an Amazing Life, and how to improve instantly! 1. Lift weights 2-3 x per week. There is no single better thing you can do to help strengthen your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. You must do an appriopriate program for you. It makes sense to hire […]

Formal Fitness Fridays

Formal Fitness Friday was created to provide more value to the Formal Fitness Training family and anyone who is looking to improve their performance in the gym and in life. It is a weekly video series filmed and produced by Reading Magazine to teach a unique exercise each week. These videos will take place at […]