Virtual Personal Training

Online Training for the Experienced Workout Enthusiast

Something that I have been giving a great deal of thought to lately is; Why people who consistently go to the gym and have “a fair amount” of knowledge on form and how to exercise, would hire a coach?

If you have spent any decent amount of time in the gym you would begin to realize what I mean. The individuals who you see in the gym each week, multiple times, but then you see them years later and they still look the same! Of course they are improving their health and better off then if they were at home (chips in hand) not working out but they are not truly optimizing their results.

Everyone needs a coach! I truly believe everyone needs a coach including coaches and that we will always be biased when we are writing our own programs. That is why I have created the online training portion of Formal Fitness Training. It is a high value structured tier for those who are self motivated to go to the gym and do the work on their own but they want expert programming for their weight training, cardiovascular conditioning and nutrition.

Of course this is one of those situations that can be difficult to navigate because I’m not going to just walk up to someone and say “Let me do your programming for you and ask for a credit card”. At the same time maybe that is what I should be doing. Friends don’t let friend execute sub-par workout programs that yield less than half the results.

Think about it would you let your best friend right now invest every dollar they have in Blockbuster stock? NO! Blockbuster only has one store left and it is a hotel. However if you could just nudge them perhaps they would choose some broadly diversified index funds which will yield them on average 6-15% results for the rest of their lives!!

Personal training and online training will always be important to the structure of development of workout enthusiasts and we need to strive to stay cutting edge and get the most value we can out of each encounter. The best trainers will employ some version of the four E’s of successful personal training. The four E’s include energy, enthusiasm, education and experience as the best coaches bring these to the table daily. They will also keep clients best interest in mind and deploy “do not harm”. Over time the trust gained, muscles gained and of course fat loss will leave them wondering; “Why didn’t I hire a coach sooner”

Until the next time;

Onward and upward always!

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