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Virtual Training and the Future of the Fitness Industry

In March when the Covid-19 pandemic began many of us thought that the stay at home orders would be two weeks or maybe four and then life as we knew it would return to normal. That certainly has not been the case and it looks like this situation may have our lives altered for at least a […]

How to create an effective home gym on a budget

Given the circumstances we realize more people are working out at home than ever before. For some of us we have equipment lying around the house for others we have minimal equipment or none at all. In the event that the current pandemic lasts for a few months it is important to learn how to take care of your […]

Foam Rolling: Devices, Advice, and Review

Do you feel as though your body moves well? Not just “I can walk up and down steps” well, I’m talking more about the “I can take on the world” well. Athletes and high performing people all over the world have turned to the power of foam rollers to improve their muscular mobility, flexibility, reduce […]

2020: 5 Keys to the Healthiest Year of Your Life!

Welcome to the next decade. Welcome to 2020! If you truly want more success in a fitness program, lifestyle change, or quest to live longer you must follow a path of evolution over perfection. There are 5 things you must address if you want to have better health, fitness, and increased longevity. Exercise 20% Diet […]

Living Life with Fitness and Nutrition

Throughout the last twenty years I have worked out no less than five days per week utilizing weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching, and outdoor activities which has taught me more than anything what works for me! The thing that I find most fascinating is that there are huge discrepancies among people and what they do […]

5 Reasons To Consider an Online Personal Trainer

Online training is a relatively new facet to the fitness world and it is beneficial whether fat loss, strength, or muscle building is your goal! The convenience and versatility of it makes it an approachable way to begin fitness with a quality coach. The five components of fitness are muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, […]