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What is Formal Fitness Training?

Who is Formal Fitness Training? Formal Fitness Training is the pursuit of self discovery and improvement everyday. It is for the normal person trying to do better or be better. It is not someone trying to hit the genetic lottery or someone seeking perfection. It is more for the person that when their back is […]

Improving Healthcare & Optimizing your Longevity Opportunity

We are here; 2020. If you think back just forty or fifty years there was so many things which could kill us instantly. Heart attack survival rates were low, cognitive rehabilitation had just begun & many of the vaccines and treatments that we take for granted today were just figments of our imagination or had […]

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Training Through The Decades

Training Through The Decades If one thing sticks in my mind throughout the last twenty-one years of regular weight training and participation in sports, while living an active life style it is this; longevity is the key and what you do currently & did in the past may not be what you need to do […]

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What is Optimal Health & Fitness?

What is health? Is it simply absence of disease or is it vitality, libido, enthusiasm, and energy? What is fitness? Is it simply the ability to take a walk, do a push-up, or is it climbing over a wall, jumping, swimming or running as hard as you can for a minute? At Formal Fitness Training […]

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Exercise is Crucial to the Older Adult

Exercise is important for everyone but it is crucial for anyone over the age of sixty. It cannot be stressed enough that the most effective medicine in the world is exercise and a healthy diet rich in good fats, vegetables & high quality proteins. What are the benefits of exercise?¬†Exercise strengthens bones, reduces the risk […]

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The Trainer Bunch Volume 1: At home workout!

The Trainer Bunch Volume 1 was the first of hopefully many collaborations with four of the best trainers in the fitness industry. Danielle Keperling – Be Dani Fit Stefano Sarge – Ampersand Integrative Wellness Benn Fineman – Intuitive Roots Michael Hartman – Formal Fitness Training The trainers got together on Zoom and then connected to […]