Bikini’s, Barbells, Beer and Backyard BBQ’s

It’s that time of year again, summer is beginning to reach everyone’s headspace. What does that mean? A whole lot of B’s: Bikini’s, bourbon, beer, beaches, baseball, bbqs, backyard parties, beverages & beach bodies galore.

I will be the first to say that if you have waited this long to start getting in shape for June that you are probably too late; especially if you are trying to lose a boatload of fat tissue or build a decent amount of muscle. However; in my opinion there is no better time then April to start thinking about health, fitness and improved nutrition.

Why? Well if you live in the northeast (where I currently do) you have between 6-8 months where the weather is usually nice and you can get outside to workout, walk or just enjoy the great outdoors. (April-Nov/Dec) The reason it is easier to be motivated during the warmer movies is because it is more difficult to motivate yourself when it gets dark early and it is also cold.

Summer is the best time of year (in my opinion) because it offers a lot of opportunities to show off your hard earned physique (if you’ve been putting in the work) and it’s when there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets for fair prices which can really add a lot to your meal plan. Support your local farmers!

How do I eat clean at a backyard bbq, sporting event or even outdoor dining at a restaurant?

I want to keep it simple:

    1. Focus on protein.
    2. Focus on vegetables.
    3. Skip the appetizer.
    4. Skip the dessert.
    5. Keep your alcoholic beverages either to a minimum or the lowest calories possible.
    6. Drink a lot of water before and during your events.
    7. Workout hard the day of your event with weights and take a long walk, jog or bike ride.
    8. Remember that excess salt will bloat you in your bathing suit or bikini!
    9. Don’t go to the event hungry. Eat a protein bar or a shake before you go.
    10 Be mindful the week before a potential binge event. If you eat well the five to seven days before; enjoy yourself!

Something which has worked well for me during most of my career is carbohydrate cycling which allows you to cycle between days of low carbs and high carbs so that there is never more than two or three days avoiding a particular macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates or fats). High carb days will be mainly protein and carbohydrates and low carb days will be mainly protein and healthy fats. Doing this six days per week with a seventh day where you have some indulgences and enjoy yourself (within reason) will serve you well.

What about alcohol? In the summer if you want to stay leaner stick with beers that are lower in alcohol percentage (5-8%) which means lower in calories, moderate servings or wine, or single liquors with calorie free or low calorie mixers. This will keep your calories per drink to 150-200 calories versus a frozen margarita clocking in at over 700 calories.

I’m always here to help! Looking forward to seeing you all in person and social media land in your summer mode of enjoying life and perpetually improving yourselves!

Onward and upward always!

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