Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer can go a long way in helping you to meet your goals. If you hire the right trainer you will maximize your chances of achieving safe, well-informed, and sustainable results. You will learn how to exercise, eat correctly, stretch, and supplement so you can begin to help friends and family improve as well.

The unfortunate thing is us professional trainers see many people come into the gym and simply spin their wheels. They do the wrong exercises, or do them incorrectly repeatedly. Don’t be stubborn, seek help. Many personal trainers make it their life mission to help people meet their goals!

When looking for a trainer remember to check credentials. Look for a college degree, or at least a high level personal training certification, and level of experience. Remember, just because a trainer looks good, doesn’t mean they know what workout will work best for you! There are hundreds of body types and variables which go into creating a specific workout program. This also goes for magazines and workouts you find online, just because a professional wrote the routine, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Many exercise programs assume a general level of fitness, and if you don’t have the level required, an injury may occur.

The top ten reasons to hire a personal trainer!

  1. You’re not seeing results – You have been going to the gym for a while and haven’t seen any change in your body.
  1. You don’t know where to start – You go to the gym without a plan, and just do a variety of exercises without knowing why.
  1. You’re bored with your workouts – You know how to use a few machines and those are the machines you use every time you go to the gym at the same weight, and intensity.
  1. You need to be challenged/ pushed – You feel as though you still have energy and that you didn’t maximize your time when you leave the gym.
  1. You need accountability and motivation – You struggle to get to the gym and when you get there you don’t feel like doing it.
  1. You have a specific condition, illness, or injury – This is the most important one. If you have a serious injury or medical condition it’s very important to find a trainer who has worked with people similar to you in the past.
  1. You’re training for a sport or event – If time is an element a trainer can teach you shortcuts to get you to your goals faster. Injury prevention is also key with sports and events.
  1. You want to stop wasting time – If you know you’re not doing things correctly, and your not seeing results.
  1. You want workouts to do at home – A professional trainer many times will come to your home and train you there. This is important for people who are extremely busy, or don’t want to go to a busy gym.
  1. Your unmotivated to do workouts on your own – You plan to go to the gym four times each week but often don’t go at all because you can’t get through the door.

At Formal Fitness Training we believe that strength and conditioning are a part of any well-rounded fitness program. We take the time to help strengthen our clients bodies so they have less pain throughout the day, and see phenomenal results! If you have any questions about personal training or the top ten reasons to hire a trainer please reach out to us!

Keep going strong. You are doing great!

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