What would you like the future to bring?

What would you like the future to bring?

Did you ever stop and think back to twenty years ago (assuming you are over the age of 30)? I do. TV’s were giant boxes with small screens and were obscenely expensive, cars had just began to use air conditioning and nothing was powered except in the super high end vehicles. Many of the diseases that we can easily cure today were a guaranteed death sentence. Then when you talk about fitness there were hardly any women in the gyms, mostly only muscle heads or people looking to improve their physique in the mirror. (Now gyms are virtually 50% woman and they are filled with normal people and it is amazing!) Supplements were just starting to hold scientific reasons for their usage and we had no idea what we were doing when it came to creating a well rounded nutritional plan.

That is merely just scratching the surface of the past twenty years. When you also look into the medical world considering shoulder repairs, hip & knee replacements, heart attack surgeries, recoveries from stroke, blood clot, wearable technology, diabetes monitoring tools etc. We keep improving!

More importantly; do you ever stop and think about twenty years into the future or forty, sixty, dare I say eighty?

Writing this I find myself at 34 years old turning 35 in just two weeks; I feel as though 35 is a defining year. Will I make it to 70? Do I get to live this whole life again one more time, or just maybe can I live this life again two more times and make it to 105 in good health?

I might make some people questions my sanity when I say this but I truly believe that a majority of those who choose to stay healthy who are currently in the 25-40 year old range could very well have the ability to live to a centurion age and actually maintain a high quality of life!


Robotics, stem-cell research, increased nutritional knowledge, supplement improvement, artificial intelligence, scan technology, the ability to grow organs, potentially have a serum which can ‘refresh’ the brain, collagen advances to keep skin younger long & much more!

Think about the positivity of walking into a doctors office where a Robot and a person greats you and the Robot takes a visual scan of your entire body and can determine your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart vessel strength, brain function, body fat level, hydration level, if there is any cancer in your body & also how well you slept the night before. This may sound crazy but we are closer than you think! This would eliminate the need for dozens of tests many of us are required to get yearly.

Blogs are meant to explore subjects and longevity is a big subject, one which Formal Fitness Training has deep routes. Roughly forty percent of our clients are approaching or over the age of 65 and I previously said years ago that my goal is to get all of those clients to 100 years of age in good health. The quest continues!

In the future we may see new species, changes to the way humans look through evolution & adaptation, flying cars, self driving public transportation, robotic military support, robots taking your order at a restaurant, a health care system that handles all problems in an efficient and cost-effective way, green houses on every corner to sustain food and environment, healthy people being the normal versus current 70% overweight and obesity statistics & sixty year olds looking like twenty year olds.

The sky is the limit. Call me optimistic but I will continue to have faith in the evolution and technological advances of our future and I will remain on the front lines trying to improve this world, care for the environment and help people improve their lives through health, fitness & an attitude of Perpetual Improvement!

Keep on keeping on my friends!

Onward and Upward Always


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