storm clouds amid beauty

What is really important in life?

Prior to this pandemic hitting the streets like an elephant stomping on an ant hill; When was the last time you thought about what was really important to you, and in life? I thought I had a good grasp on what was important and that I was moving in the right direction, but a full month of spending time at home has really opened my eyes to many things. Not only have I been rushing from place to place, rushing workouts, neglecting relationships, recovery, and laser focused only on building business, I have also neglected to take care of my soul and mind.

Just this morning before I wrote this blog a friend reminded me of something. He said “It’s funny how our society puts people in high regard the harder they work. At least in this country I know we think people without a lot going on are poor and we think the busier you are the more money you make.” I think this is true. I do think it is good working hard and staying busy, but finding engagement doing more of what you love and less of what you dread perhaps is more stimulating. Sometimes you must adjust expectations and rewire what is important to see where you are going. Always remember that success takes many shapes and forms. It’s not just financial or possessions. Thriving can come from relationships, health, mental, physical, intellectually & emotional as well.

What have you been neglecting?

Most of us have more time to think & plan now even if we are still working full-time. The exception obviously being people on the front lines (doctors, health professionals, nurses, bankers, grocery store workers, food service, etc….). THANK YOU to all of you!  I think it is a special time (despite the sadness and stress associated with the virus and isolation) to really take stock of what you were doing before this all started. This sudden shift in life has uncovered people’s weaknesses. Financially and emotionally speaking people are having a hard time. From the financial standpoint it is now a good time to sit and create a budget to learn where the money was or is coming from and where it is going. From there you can make adjustments to make sure you are saving and investing “something” every month. Even to start if you can only swing two or three percent of your income to savings it will slowly build into a nice little emergency fund and with the joys of compound interest may turn into much more over time.

Emotional struggles will take many shapes. For the person who is generally mentally healthy stress may come from frustration, and agitation at the situation which we can’t control. For someone who has depression or anxiety it may feel like the world is ending and the walls are coming in from all four directions. I’m not a psychologist but I can speak to what works for me.

Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Foam Rolling/Stretching and Meditation have been game changers for me. My coaches talk about creating space in your body and mind. This may sound “weird” to someone who hasn’t experienced what this means but once you start learning how to tune down and let the outside world wash away you will realize how awesome it feels, at peace in mind, body, and spirit. I spend four hours per week working on these practices.

Don’t get me wrong I do struggle. Someday’s I struggle terribly, not wanting to exercise or get off the couch or take a walk because my mind tells me that I don’t need to. It is important when you have the lack of motivation, frustration or agitation that you reach for that “override” button. The override button is the button where you realize you are neglecting what you need to do and then you reach into your soul and push that button. Some people do this with caffeine, or loud HEAVY METAL, and some people can just flip the switch. You must get it done! If you have a more delicate struggle like depression, anxiety or anything like that it is something you will need to work hand in hand with your therapist.

This past month has allowed me to become so much closer with so many people who were in my life before this but are now a more active part of my life. Trainer friends, local business friends, and even friends from the past have given me some time to reconnect with them. It is my wish that during this time it isn’t all bad and that you find that it is actually mostly good.

You will get through this! Stay positive, keep focusing on your goals and how you want your life to be and stay healthy. Health is wealth. Without health everything becomes a struggle.

Today call a friend or get on a video chat. Show some love to people who you inadvertently neglect when time is lacking.

Onward and Upward Always


P.S. Take a look at the cover photo and remember there still are beautiful things amid the storm clouds!

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