Top 5 Reasons Why Having a 6-Pack Is Overhyped

For some reason, throughout my lifetime, there has been an obsession with having a ripped midsection; also known as the abdominals. Headlines such as “get ripped abs in 30 days,”, “smaller waist in seven days,”, “drink this for defined abs” and “lose thirty pounds and expose your ripped six pack”, have been dominating the fitness industry. Is having a ripped midsection even worth it? Does having less than 14% body fat help you in some other magical way?

The answer, surprisingly, is no.

Before we share the five reasons that having a 6-pack is overrated, let’s start by saying that we are not supporting the idea of being obese and unhealthy. Honestly, if you want that 6-pack; work for it; make it happen! The dedication required to obtain it will be arduous and far more complicated than you think (unless you possess top 1% genetics “people who get leaner while eating anything and everything they want).

On to the list!

  1. A 6-pack (rectus abdominis) by itself doesn’t actually do very much from a functional standpoint. The whole core needs to be strong.
  2. Ripped abs in the absence of strong legs, a strong back, and the rest of your core will not help you in your day-to-day life.
  3. If you live in a cold environment, your six-pack will remain covered for eight or nine months of the year.
  4. You will basically always be “dieting” to maintain that look.
  5. If you are like most people; you will need to be strict and give up on many of life’s indulgences to maintain your physique. Unless you like a life of constant restriction; think twice.

Let’s backtrack just a little bit. What is the ultimate goal of working out? We believe that the ultimate goal of working out is to create a strong, resilient body that accommodates the activities you love and provides you with a stable base from which to function. This body will weather most situations and mainly stay injury-free as you do all of the activities that you need it for. In our teens, twenties, and perhaps even thirties, we may care what others think about us, but as we get older, the important thing is functionality, health and safety.

When you think about what most people value, it goes something like this; playing with their kids, walking their dogs, hiking on the beach or in the woods, carrying their groceries up a few stairs, going down stairs without falling, walking without falling, the ability to open food jars, and for some, working out or other sports. Those things require muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, good blood flow, and flexibility. They don’t require less than 14% body fat.

At a quick glance, you may think that this is judgmental and “picking on” those who want a six-pack. It is absolutely not! This is talking to the average man or woman who is reading a fitness magazine (15, 20, 30, or 50 lb overweight) or someone who has never worked out and believes that the only way they will find a mate or be able to do anything is if they get a chiseled midsection.

The greatest gift of life is the ability to live it while being fit, while being able to have a slice of cheesecake at a party; while being able to handle physical things that arise, and while staying healthy enough to build a wealth of health, money, and relationships to enjoy far into your seventies, eighties, and beyond!


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