The Six Reasons why Working out Virtually with a Trainer may work best for you!

One of the most amazing things happened during the past five months where people have been working from home or unable to do their normal routines; people worked out together. I have whole families working out together virtually. This includes couples, friends, and even co-workers. All of these workouts are made possible due to the fact people are at home, they can connect virtually and has led to less excuses or reasons for opting out. I would like to share the six reasons why working out virtually with a personal trainer or coach may work best for you. We have now seen doctors, lawyers, & psychologists doing the same thing. Perhaps the world has changed for the better, forever?

    1. If you have kids, the kids can play or join in on the workout and you don’t need to worry about finding a sitter or a gym who has childcare available at the hours you wish to workout.
    2. If you are working from home you can workout right before you start your day or right after and be ready to work in a very short period of time or ready to spend time with your family post workout.
    3. You can get more work done in less time. Many of my clients have dumbbells, exercise mats, bands, and some other random fitness equipment but we can get more work done in less time because we are not waiting for specific machines or trying to navigate through the masses of people at the gyms or the parks.
    4. You will be less likely to cancel or not show up for an appointment because you don’t have to drive anywhere so traffic is a non-issue.
    5. You may find you workout more often because it is more convenient.
    6. If you have friends or family in other states or countries you can workout with them virtually too! This has been awesome.

As you see there can be many reasons why working out virtually with a personal trainer or coach may work best for you. Don’t get me wrong there is something to be said about going to the gym and having all of the options available but when you look at convenience and time, if you are a busy person it may be best to blend both together. The important thing is finding what works best for you and sticking to a plan. There could be three options from how we see it:

    1. Workout exclusively at home on your own and with a trainer (best for super busy people working from home).
    2. Workout with your trainer at home but hitting the gym once or twice per week as well (May be best for those who want to build additional muscle tissue and have extra time).
    3. Workout mainly at the gym but workout virtually with your friends or family from other states or countries (May be best for those who have the most time but want to try out the technology to see their friends and family who they don’t get to see often).

As we continue to navigate this new world know that Formal Fitness Training will always work hard to create options for you! Have an amazing day!
Onward and Upward Always
~Coach Mike

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