Bulking While Keeping the Fat off Volume 1


Four week interactive workout program for Muscle Building and Fat Loss.

Bulking While Keeping the Fat off Volume 1 is a four-week, six day per week workout program designed with a heavy dose of weight training with intervals and functional movements to increase the heart rate and keep the body fat storage to a minimum while you are increasing strength and building muscle. This program is best performed by an intermediate or advanced level exerciser looking to increase muscle while minimizing fat. This workout includes three days of lifting and high intensity interval training protocols and three days for cardiovascular conditioning. You get one day off per week. This program should be followed for 4 weeks before switching to one of our other programs or taking a week off before repeating.

We recommended that you download the free JEFIT application for any exercises you may be unfamiliar with.

If you don’t have software to open excel files, you can download Libre Office free.


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