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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

This may sound harsh, but if you are failing to properly execute a pre and post workout nutrition plan, you’re most likely wasting your time in the gym!

With so many conflicting theories out there on what to do before and after a workout, it is easy to get confused! That is why I’m going to give you the no-nonsense method, which I’ve used with clients for over 13 years. It gives the best workout, fastest recovery, and more sustained muscle growth and fat loss from your workout!

Pre Workout

The key to pre workout nutrition is to make sure you are fueling the body appropriately so you can go to the gym and give the very best effort possible. If you aren’t fueled for the workout, you are more likely to just go through the motions and do a half-hearted workout! That will not lead to optimal muscle gains and fat reduction!

1 – 1.5 hours before the workout



30 minutes before the workout

Recommended supplements… Creatine, or Pre Workout with Caffeine to boost energy and focus. I use either Alphacre HD, MegawattV2 or Project-1

Complete your workout, and give it your very best effort!

During your workout you want to drink an extra 20-30 oz of water to make sure you are keeping the body hydrated. This will aid in reducing joint discomfort and inflammation as well.

Post Workout

Within 30 minutes of the workout you want to give your body the very best chance of muscle recovery and muscle growth. The myth is that you build muscle in the gym, and that is not true! In the gym you BREAK the muscles down. What you do after the gym will help the muscles to recover, while growing stronger and more resilient.

Post workout is the only time which a supplement trumps a whole food.


You have no time to spare, the faster the muscles begin to repair and recover, the more chance you have to build solid muscle tissue which will increase your metabolism so you can burn more calories at rest!



For these I use Phormula-1 and Ignition. Simply the highest quality post workout supplement combination on the market today.

1 hour after your workout you’ll be consuming either your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This depends on what time of day you work out!

The reason you have a meal one hour after the post workout shake is because the post workout shake is only designed to rapidly drive protein and glycogen back into the muscle cells. The rest of your body needs fuel too!

In Summary…

*These measurements are general guidance, if you want more precise numbers for your unique goals and circumstances, never hesitate to reach out to Formal Fitness Training.

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