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Perpetual Improvement: A Book to Improve your Life!

Perpetual Improvement was a project which began back in 2017 when I decided to write a book. Originally the book was going to be about fitness and personal training which was what my business originally was. Over the past three years my approach to helping people and improving lives has changed drastically.  About six months into the writing process  I decided to shelf the writing temporarily as the book was not heading in the direction I had intended. I spend months thinking about different ways the book could go. There was a point where the book would be called 365 days to health, wealth, and success and it would be more of a motivational calendar than a book. Not saying that project will never see the light of day but it didn’t fit at the time.

Now two years after I put the book down even though I was thinking about it from time to time there was no progress being made. I received the kick in the behind needed to get motivated again when I saw a colleague of mine John was releasing his book called Fitness Over 50. I was so proud of someone who I have been in the industry with for such a long time releasing his first book as an author that it inspired me to get back to work.

For the last six months from September to February I finally figured out my message that I wanted to get out there. Formal Fitness Training started as a personal training company but has become an improvement company. I work with my clients on anything they are trying to improve in life. We cover many subjects including health, wealth, success, happiness, relationships, and of course health and fitness. Perpetual Improvement offers a road map to improve any of those areas of your life. Advice found in the book is information I have learned from clients, podcasts, trial and error, and intuition. I could have very easily turned this into a two-hundred page book but I wanted it to be short, clear and concise so readers can start making progress immediately. I believe if you use this book and reference it from time to time while implementing the advice and changes into your life; you will find Perpetual Improvement! The advice and information in this book is mostly timeless and will be able to be used from now into the future. We never know where the future may lead us but if we work hard and keep trying you are likely to find success.

Onward and Upward always my Friends! I always appreciate your support.

~Michael Hartman

Description of Perpetual Improvement

Perpetual Improvement“Combining my career as a personal trainer and my obsession with learning from those around me while utilizing only the best advice led me to write this book. Perpetual Improvement is a book that will improve your life! Whether you are looking to improve your health, wealth, success, happiness, relationships, nutrition or fitness, Perpetual Improvement has you covered. Perpetual Improvement includes over seventy pieces of advice designed to help you to improve all aspects of your life while traveling the road to success. Throughout the book you will learn about why Formal Fitness Training began along with the strategies Michael has personally used to transform his life! Take the Perpetual Improvement assessment created by Michael to help you elevate your life from now and into the future. (Assessment Included) Perpetual Improvement is a short read which packs a big punch and gives you actionable steps which you can start implementing in your life today!”

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