Mindset for Results

Hello my faithful comrades! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Today I’m going to do a blog without a rhythm or reason that will transform the way you look at your health and going to the gym.

Mindset. What is mindset?

It’s the mental state that you get in, or the average of your mental state over the course of your lifetime. It can be positive or negative during different time periods. It is safe to say that the more often your mindset is positive however, the more positive the outcomes of your life will become.

How do I achieve a wealthy mindset for fitness ?

Here are the top 5 ways that I get myself into a positive state of mind for fitness and life.

1. I have an attitude of gratitude.

– Every single day I take a look at my life and the things that I have achieved and I give a few moments of appreciation for those things. This can include a weight loss, muscle growth, or improved lung capacity with your workouts. In normal life this can be the car you drive, spouse you are with, your children, or achieving a college degree.

2. I journal about all the positive things that happened each day.

– At the end of each day I will sit down and write down the best 5 things that happened to me each day. This could be simple

a. I woke up

b. I had a good workout

c. I had running water

d. A client complimented me

e. They had my favorite meal on special at the restaurant I went to.

3. I take a moment each day or week to complement someone else on the achievements they have achieved.

– Nothing feels better than telling someone something that you noticed about them that makes you inspired, happy, or more determined in your own life.

4. I trust that the universe or god has a plan in place for me and that things will inevitably work out if I keep working hard on my goals.

– Here is where a little faith comes in to play. Whatever you believe in, it is important to have something you believe in because those thoughts will get you through the tough times and propel you in the good times.

5. I genuinely think about how luck I am and the human race is in general.

– All of the time our world and universe has been here and yet we are still breathing, walking, talking, and just scratching the surface of what is yet to come.

I know not all of these 5 things are fitness related, but I believe being a well-rounded fitness professional means that I should help my clients physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and mentally. If you are to succeed in any area of life these 5 things will certainly help. I love to talk about these things, so if there is ever a time you want to talk about this reach out to me and I would be glad to chat!

I always have your best interest at heart!

Thanks for the support always!

Onward and Upward my friends!


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