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Long Term Vision Leads to Short Term Success

Remember the time you went to the gym in January for a couple of weeks; bought a treadmill for home which later became a coat rack or saw a friends results and felt jealous and thought “I should do something about my health and fitness”?

The problem for many is they don’t have a long term vision. They may have a reason to go to the gym because a doctor told them to, clothing doesn’t fit like it used to, or they are getting winded chasing a leaf in their yard. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t their fault!

We are programmed to seek short term “fast” solutions for long term “major” issues. Now I wont dive too deep into why people get out of shape, overweight or uninspired in the first place because honestly here could be millions of books written on those subjects. Let us first take a look at the reasons why people go to the gym and then tie into how it can also work for you.

One trip to the gym will show you a myriad of characters. The talkers, lookers, clients, weight slammers, smoothie drinkers, full make-up with sports bar and tight shorts, half naked man with tiny shorts and a tank top which may or may not cover their nipples and many more.

This gives a few clues as to why those people are there. Talkers (socializing), lookers (to see beautiful people), personal training clients (accountability) weight slammer (ego boost), smoothie drinkers (a treat) & the last two are there simply to show that they look amazing (confidence and something else).

There needs to be a reason why you go! That reason cannot be artificial. It must come from the depths of your soul. Example: I want to be able to live to ninety and do the same things I do now.

You need a driving force (why) and a reason now (reward) for going. If you don’t figure those two things out you won’t last long with your in home workouts, gym workouts, or daily walks.

If you are reading this chances are you are looking for a change; you want to be better than you are now; or you have a reason to want to regain your health. I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible; but you can do it. Training people for sixteen years has shown me a few things.

One; People who succeed show up, have a vision & don’t expect results to happen immediately.

Two; People who succeed don’t spend talking about action; they just do the action.

Three; People who succeed get help; hiring a professional personal trainer or asking a friend who *truly* knows what they are doing. (Help will not be found with social media influencers who almost entirely have no formal education or certifications on training they just look good)

Four; People who succeed realize that they are unique, things take time and they will experience success, failure and plateaus along the way.

Five; People who succeed look in the mirror and realize (that is their competition) and no one is going to get results for them; it is up to them.

Set your long term vision for long term success; find a reason to start improving yourself in fitness, finance or anything really. Get started, start started and never stop starting and never; ever; quit.

”Believe you can and you’re halfway there” Theodore Roosevelt

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