How to live a success driven life!

I feel as though I should preface this blog with a question:

Are you going to let little things prevent you from achieving your goals? Are you going to complain every step of the way? Or are you simply going to do whatever it takes to make a success out of your life?

If the third question is, you then this article is going to get you moving towards the life of your dreams. A life of Perpetual Improvement!

Ten years ago, I started on a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement & self-discipline. I realized I was making mistakes and I had no more time to waste as a twenty-five-year-old making about $22,000 per year. One conversation with a client and a timely gift sent me down the Formal Fitness Training journey with blinders on (horses wear them so they cannot see the other horses next to them). Now ten years later, rapidly approaching my ten-year anniversary of F.F.T. I realize that there are a few things that separate the twenty-five-year-old me to the now thirty-five-year-old me.

I am obviously the same in some ways; I have the same amazing wife, love music and craft beer and still have some of the same friends as well. The differences however are huge. I have more drive, the people I surround myself with are positive & driven people, I avoid the news like the plague, I digest personal growth and development books daily and that is just a few of the things.

To improve you must be willing to change and adapt.

I want you to take a moment to reflect; are you the same person you were ten years ago? If the answer is yes; why?

We do not have time to waste. I believe most of us reading this will live to ninety years of age in reasonably good health, potentially one hundred. Why? Advancements and improvements along the way with A.I, healthcare, robotics etc. If you have read my previous article on the future of health care you will further grasp what I believe to be true with this subject.

I like to keep these blogs short, but I want to close with a few helpful tips that will allow you to move forward but also live a well-balanced life.

If your fitness, financial plan & nutrition are off you are literally shooting yourself in the foot. Fix these as soon as possible!

As many of you reading this know, I am an avid learner, hard worker and driven but also, I try and live a life of balance. That was not the case in the begging of my journey.

Three options:

  1. I am 15-75 years of age and I have a lot of work to do on myself and many things I need to accomplish to live my dream life. Fitness is probably bad, not much money in the bank or put aside for retirement and lack of care about good nutrition, supplementation, sleep, stress, or hydration.
  1. I am 15-75 years of age and I have done a decent job on myself and have accomplish many things, but I am still hungry to accomplish more and be better! Fitness is probably decent with a moderate amount of money in the bank put aside for retirement and you care about nutrition, supplementation, sleep, stress & hydration but there is some room for improvement.
  1. I am 15-75 years of age and I really have done a great job on myself and have accomplished many things and I am happy with where I am at. I want to start enjoying the life I built. Fitness is good, lots of money in the bank for retirement & fun, and nutrition, supplementation, sleep, stress, and hydration are all addressed.

In closing I will say that the reason I used 15-75 years of age is because I believe those are the years where you should be making the most progress in your life. Before that you are just a kid & after that hopefully you are moving on to retirement (whatever that looks like for you) unless you like to work. Some people work forever because they like to!

Also, you will notice that throughout whichever state you are in there is always going to be a good amount of working on your connections, knowledge, and relationships because people, knowledge and love are the three things that make the world keep spinning!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

Onward and Upward Always & Committed to Your Success

Coach Michael Hartman


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