How to create an effective home gym on a budget

Given the circumstances we realize more people are working out at home than ever before. For some of us we have equipment lying around the house for others we have minimal equipment or none at all. In the event that the current pandemic lasts for a few months it is important to learn how to take care of your body at home. Today I’m going to give three tiers of at home options for you to stay in shape and healthy during this outbreak, and into the future. Home exercise equipment is useful. If it is snowing excessively or you are kind of sick and don’t want to risk infecting others at the gym your home gym can come to the rescue! We will give an inexpensive option, middle of the pack option, and an all out no rules option (most expensive) to furnish your home gym.

Inexpensive Option:

You can get a truly effective workout just using your body-weight and some home items. However, I think all homes could really do well with three items. A great set of bands are the most versatile option for working out at home. You can replicate a majority of gym exercises with bands. Also I would recommend a great yoga and a foam roller. You can look back at my previous blog review on foam rollers to find the rollers which I use and recommend. With this set up your routine would include a variety of floor exercises, band exercises, and body-weight exercises. With a good program and some creativity this is effective for less than $100.

Middle of the pack option:

The inexpensive option gets the job done with the yoga mat, exercise bands, household items, and body-weight movements but there are some nice to have items. If you are looking to upgrade your inexpensive option and you have a little extra cash it is also great to have a quality set of adjustable dumbbells and perhaps a kettlebell or two. A good set of adjustable dumbbells will last forever and replace up to fifteen pairs of dumbbells. This will save you cash and space. I personally use the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells. As far as kettlebells I would recommend 15 and 25lb for a normal person or 35 and 50lb for a very strong person. Also it would be great to have a Bosu ball and an adjustable weight bench. This set up will cost around $700.

The options we have covered thus far assume that for cardiovascular conditioning you will be using your own bodyweight or you will be taking it to the park for a run or hike. In the last option I will offer what I consider the best home cardiovascular conditioning piece of equipment the cycle and why it can give you the best bang for your buck. The no rules option allows you to workout at home any time you want.

No rules option:

This option includes everything mentioned before: yoga mat, exercise bands, adjustable dumbbells, kettlebellsbosuball, and adjustable exercise bench. However there are two more items I would recommend for the no rules option assuming you have the space. First I would recommend a cycle so you can have great bike rides from the comfort of your home or an elliptical machine. I rarely recommend a treadmill because most people prefer going outside to run or walk. Secondarily I would recommend a power rack which adjusts in height so you can do squats, deadlifts, bench press and most other exercises safely and effectively from home. Combining these items will give you everything you need to stay on track from home. This option will cost you somewhere over $1200.

Working out from home is great but it does not give you everything that a gym does. There will be no replacing the five to ten cardiovascular machine options, the large turf areas, all the weight training machines, and certainly there is no replacing the camaraderie inside your local health club. Having a home gym is important and gives options when situations prevent you from making it to the gym. In a perfect world going to the gym two to three times per week and working out at home two more days may prove to give you better results than what you are currently achieving.

I hope this blog offered you some suggestions on how to furnish your home gym while also inspiring you to do more working out from home. I am always here to point you in the right direction if you need help with anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

~Michael Hartman

Owner Formal Fitness Training




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