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Exercise is Crucial to the Older Adult

Exercise is important for everyone but it is crucial for anyone over the age of sixty. It cannot be stressed enough that the most effective medicine in the world is exercise and a healthy diet rich in good fats, vegetables & high quality proteins.

What are the benefits of exercise? Exercise strengthens bones, reduces the risk of falls, improves memory and cognition, improves the immune system, improves muscular strength, endurance, and cardio-respiratory health, improves blood flow, improves overall mood. That was a very SHORT list of the benefits of exercise. All of those things become even more important once you cross sixty years of age. If you are approaching sixty or are over sixty, take a moment to think about what you want your next twenty to thirty years to look like. Do you want to be able to think, stay healthy, function at a high level, and maintain your independence? Of course you do!

Having a personal trainer is also crucial once you hit the golden years. A great professional personal trainer will reduce your risk of injury, motivate and coach you from where you are and create a program that is tailored to your unique body, injury history, and goals. I cannot stress enough that I believe everyone should have a personal trainer but for the older population they can be priceless. You trust your dentist, eye doctor, and physician, you should also find a trainer who you know, like, trust, and has your best interest in mind. Formal Fitness Training is here for you!

Here are the things that need to be addressed in your wellness program for the over sixty population:

    Muscular Strength and Endurance.
    Flexibility & Mobility.
    Grip Strength.
    Core Stability.
    Cardio-respiratory endurance.
    Goal Setting.
    Making Fitness Fun.
    Healthy Eating.

That is not an all encompassing list, rather a great starting point.

Do you know what the most important variable is to success within a program? Community & support. I believe social support and interaction is the biggest delicacy in life. This life is not meant to be done alone. As I mentioned above I believe a professional trainer if priceless for the older adult but I also think it is very important to find a buddy to go to the gym with. They can join in on sessions with you as well. This generally will reduce the price per session for both of you. A buddy system doesn’t just apply to the gym. Taking walks, kayaking, taking a bike ride or even just playing some corn-hole can really boost your mood and if you are outside it will even boost your Vitamin D absorption as well which leads to stronger bones. (If you are in the sun longer than fifteen minutes please apply 30-50 SPF)

In closing I hope you have found some things to think about within this blog if you are over the age of sixty or approaching that number. At Formal Fitness Training we tell our clients on a regular basis that our goal is to help all of our clients make it to one hundred years of age in the best possible condition. Is that attainable? Can you do that? Maybe, maybe not but your attitude and actions will determine how close you get!

Relentlessly committed to improving the lives of others and having fun at the same time!

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