make your immune system stonger

Exercise for a Stronger Immune System

It is now November and the temperatures are fluctuating. This can only mean one thing! People will get sick! Most people understand what it takes to keep a sanitary work and play environment, but many don’t. The tips below will help you in the gym to decrease your chances of catching a bug from those who don’t abide by those rules.


*These are not always supported by science and the research can be confusing but this is what works for me

Regular exercise improves your health, which improves your immune system, and going to the gym exposes you to low levels of germs from other people.

Can I exercise if I’m sick?

I always tell my clients, if your cold is from your neck up, you can generally go to the gym (stuffy nose, headache, or head cold in general). The times you should most definitely avoid the gym include, but are not limited too. A cough with discharge, anything with your lungs or breathing, stomach bug, or a fever of any kind.

I’m Not Sick Now. What are the Ideal Levels of Exercise to Reduce my Risk of Getting Sick?

Sickness can come when the body is stressed (work, family, or even exercise). Maintaining a moderate level of fitness from all 3 components throughout the year will gently boost your immunity now and into your future.


You can’t cut your risk of getting a cold this fall and winter by 100%, but if you follow some of these guidelines, and keep up an overall healthy lifestyle (minimal – moderate drinking, no smoking, minimal stress, washing your hands, exercise, etc.), you can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick. If you are doing these things and you DO get sick, chances are you’ll reduce your cold’s duration, because you have some bad ass immunity fighters rocking in your cells!

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