Coffee with a Trainer, Episode 6… Featuring Danielle Keperling (Be Dani Fit)

Dani Fit is one of those people who I have had the pleasure of doing many talks with and learning from and with throughout the last fifteen years of my fitness career and we are just getting started. Two people who can sit and talk for hours about how to help people improve their lives and inspire change in our community!

This talk Danielle Keperling (Be Dani Fit) Danielle and I sit down over coffee and discuss all things fitness related. We covered the how to balance time, budgeting, and how to minimize damage from treats over the holidays. We also covered ways to improve your pull-up, supplements to improve your energy and immune system, nutritional swaps for baking, how to set new years resolutions and so much more.

This one will set you up for success over the holidays!

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