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Where you are does not have to be where you end up!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones, How are you doing today? We don’t know each other really well but if you took the chance to know me, I think we would get along just fine, become buddies or even best friends. My name is EXERCISE! I hear you late at night when you tell each other […]

The Finish Line is Never the End!

The finish line is never the end. Whether you are losing weight, building muscle, working with a personal trainer, running a race, playing a sport, going for a job, or anything else that you are pursuing for a given period of time. If we look simply from a fitness perspective there is usually a goal […]

Make Working Out Fun Again

Hello everyone and welcome back to a Formal Fitness Training rambling; I mean blog by me Mike the owner of FFT. Thanks for taking a few moments out of your day to see what is running through my endless stream of thoughts and aspirations! Today was a great morning. I was up at 5:50am so […]
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What is really important in life?

Prior to this pandemic hitting the streets like an elephant stomping on an ant hill; When was the last time you thought about what was really important to you, and in life? I thought I had a good grasp on what was important and that I was moving in the right direction, but a full […]
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What I’ve learned during Quarantine

It was 5 pm on Monday March 16th where my whole business and perhaps my life changed. Life was going normally or as normal as expected. I was busy preparing for my wife’s birthday (March 28th), Easter, summer vacations and as always planning on what the future of Formal Fitness Training would be. That is […]

4 Types of People

Stepping away from fitness in this blog and talking about the four people you will meet in your life. There are four types of people that you will encounter in life. 1. There will be those who support you. These people can include your family, friends, co-workers, or people you encounter who are just very genuinely supportive people. This is the group of people […]