Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?

Negative Timothy: I’ll never be able to lose this stubborn body fat, I’ll never get my dream job, I might as well not even try to find my dream relationship, I’ll never be able to bench press 300 pounds.

Optimistic Peter: Losing this bodyfat will be no big deal, I’m working towards my dream job, If I take care of myself I will find my dream relationships, I will get to 300 pounds because I’m going to put in the work.

Negative Timothy walks around with a storm cloud over his head while Optimistic Peter walks around with a light similar to that of warm sunshine. We can make a profound assumption that Peter is going to be the one who gets the dream job, girl and achieves most of what he wants while Timothy will struggle and complain about it the entire time. This may not always be true but we would suggest that it is true more often then not.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that you are only worthy or able to achieve a certain level of monetary gain, success, achievement or anything else. Breaking down the walls of the limiting beliefs which may have been “baked” into your brain from a young age or beliefs that you have forged over your lifetime. True success is only going to come when you can tamper down your limiting beliefs and start working towards an improved tomorrow. You can blame your lack of results on anything you want, but I believe that it is best to look in the mirror and realize that anything of great importance will start with you and then (and only them) will you conspire with others who will help you co-create the future of your wildest dreams and imagination.

What if it was your limiting beliefs which were holding you back?

Not your education, not the people you know, not your family, not the government; nothing except your own limiting beliefs? Are you the type of person that knows anything is possible or nothing is possible? Are you the type of person that knows you can get in shape, lose weight or build muscle easily or it is too hard? Are you the type of person that knows there is plenty of success and wealth for everyone or that it is only available for the chosen few? Do you know you are in control of your health and well-being or that you will take whatever you can get?

These are just a few questions which can show you which side of the fence you are on:

Maximum Expansion ………….or……………..Minimal Expansion

For years I struggled with the thought that one day my business would just disappear or all my clients would leave at once or that I would not have enough money to eat. (A thought that haunted me for a while). But the truth is I do the work, I keep learning, I keep helping people and I keep getting better. Sure if I stayed still/complacent and just stopped putting the time, work, and effort in it would be more likely to go away but I’m not planning on doing that.

What are the limiting beliefs holding you back?

What are you doing to eliminate those beliefs?

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